Platinum Detail Package

Whatever your preference, our pristine hand washing & Chamois Dry is known as a customer favorite!

Price Range: $80- $100

Engine Detail Package

Power Sprayed Engine Dried & Dressed

Price Range: $45+

Interior Detail Package

Carpet, seats, door panels, dash console, vinyl, leather and plastic- clean and dressed

Price Range: $150- $180

Exterior Detail Package

Hand wash and pristine wax, wheels and tires cleaned, trim and rubber dress up

Vans and Sport Utilities

Price Range: $150- $180

Complete Detail Package

Full Exterior & Interior Detail

(Vans & Sport Utilities)

Price Range: $250- $300

Supreme Detail Package

Bumper to bumper detail, car-clayed, minor scratches removed, hand waxed, windows sealed, wheels well dressed, tires & rims cleaned

Complete Interior & Engine Detail

Price Range: $145- $160

Scratch / Oxidation Overspray Removal Package

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Prices May Vary

Boats & RV's Detail Package

Price Range: Call For Free Estimate!

Our Mission Statement

As the #1 Mobile Auto Detailing Service In San Diego we pride ourselves on our work by going above and beyond for our customers.

Many of us don’t bother to give our cars the care and attention that they need until a problem arises.  Due to the fact that we’re so focused on the mechanical side of things, the car’s finer details tend to go unnoticed.

Keeping your car clean is important, but it only touches the surface. Too busy to wax and polish all of your vehicle’s nooks and crannies?

DC Mobile Auto Detailing is here to help, and the best part is we bring our services to you!

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